Sunday, March 22, 2020

What do you do when you want to start a farm and don't have a ton of money? Pallets my dear friends, they are amazing, strong, weather proof and best of all free. 
We wanted to share with you how we have started building our barn for the ducks and goats. We have a good solid structure now and are working hard to finish it. What we need to do this is for the weather to work with us. 
Here are some photos of our progress and as we  make more we will update.

Rail ties and pallets
Our first pile of pallets

Using rail ties to make the base of the barn

The first of the walls going up

First section framed

More framing

Starting to have a barn frame

Second section going up

Getting ready to tie everything together
Starting to tie the barn togeather

Added siding and framed out windows for support

Starting the roof and second floor hay loft

Ducks side of the roof is on

Hay loft and goat side of the barn getting ready for the roof

Roofs are on

Hay loft door added 

Finishing up the exterior of the bard for the winter

Barn door made out of pallets

Inside the bard this is the ducks door made from pallets and recycled glass window.