Sunday, January 31, 2021


Hello everyone, once again it has been a while since I have updated the farm page. Well a lot has happened since my last update and I am excited to share it all with you.

To start with the ducklings that hatched late this year are still inside because it got to cold to integrate them in time for winter. This means we are stuck with them in the house until spring, lets just say they are spoiled rotten and goof balls.

Christmas came and that means people had real Christmas trees to dispose of, so we asked folks to bring our goat's their clean untreated trees. We did not realize that this would turn into a news story on several networks and radio stations. This was awesome, we got to meet some super nice people and our goats got so many trees we were able to share with one of our sister farms. If you would like to see one of the news broadcasts click here.

So other things that have happened are I sold a lot of soap with people coming and that inspired me to make more and get back involved with a local farmers market in Hampden, Maine. I have also decided once I get enough stock I will be opening an etsy store to sell soap to a larger demographic.

Another big thing happened on the farm, we sent Lisle over to our sister farm Lally Broch on a date, well she decided that she did not want to have the boyfriend that we chose for her, so she broke out of the honey moon sweet and fraternized with other boy's. So this means that we do not know who will be the father of Lisle's baby or babies but we do know they will be adorable just the same. She should have her kid around June 10th 2021.

Our chickens have started laying eggs more steadily now, they are doing wonderful. We are looking forward to incubating some eggs this year with our chickens and Muscovy ducks. We are also planning on moving the ducks to a bigger area and adding onto the chicken's coop and area.

I am going to do another update in a few day's with some pictures from around the farm, we are expecting a storm to hit on Tuesday into Wednesday so it will most likely be after that. Hope you are all staying safe and warm.