Wednesday, February 10, 2021

 Good evening folks it has been a long day on the farm. We had a chicken emergency, the outdoor temperatures have been close to 0 before any wind and we have a chicken named Puff that has been through a lot in her life. Today she was way to cold and acting like she was going to die. We brought her in the house wrapped her up in a shirt and put her in a box so she could warm up. After assessing her we decided she needed more help so we contacted our sister farm and borrowed a play pen. She is currently in the playpen and doing fair, we are hoping to get her strong enough so she can go outside during the day and come in at night until it warms up. 

In other news everything is going well, all the other animals are doing great and I have pictures to post of some. 

Lisle and Gunther


Freya drinking

Lisle's beautiful smile


Gunther looking adorable