Sunday, June 6, 2021

 Good morning hope everyone is well, I know it’s been forever since I have done an update. The good thing is we have been super busy on the farm, we have new baby chicks, we have young chickens and young ducks that are all new this year. We have also been going to 2 farmers markets Bucksport at 99maine street Bucksport Maine, Thursday’s  12-3pm and Hampden on the corner of 202 & 9 across from Hannaford, Friday’s 2-5:30pm. We have also opened our own farm stand here at the farm, we are open Sunday’s 10:30am and Tuesday’s 10:30am unless something comes up. I am going to start posting open hours more for folks. We currently have duck eggs for $6 a dozen and chicken eggs for $3 a dozen along with my goats milk soaps starting at $4. Well I am going to close this for now and do another update with pictures this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day.