Our Ducks


Mudpuppy Farm’s ducks are currently made up of mallard, blue swede, and Muscovy breeds. Our first ducks at the farm consisted of Momma duck and her brood of ducklings that we purchased from Lally Broch Farm in Frankfort Maine. We were very happy with the small brood thinking that would probably suffice for a while. Wow! did we ever fool ourselves, we realized that we really love ducks and wanted to have more. That lead to us getting Abby duck and her blue swede mallard cross ducklings from Lally Broch as well. Now we are up to 17 ducks, we feel happy and content. We watched the little ones grow up and even had to do physical therapy with one who had niacin deficiency, we called him Littles he is not so little anymore. I figured that we would call this good for the year as it was getting to be fall and the fairs were starting. We decided to take a trip to the Windsor Fair here in Maine and that is when we found something that is not a duck, we found Guinea Fowl. Love at first squawk, we purchased 7 of them that we're all in a group, the entire way home they sounded like an old radio being tuned in, I think we laughed that entire trip. We introduced them to the flock and they fit in perfectly. So back to how we got the Muscovy ducks, well a friend of mine posted them on Facebook. He posted that they had 8 left and I jumped right on it as I could not see splitting up those sweet ducklings. They lived in the house with us for a while as it was getting cold outside and with no mother to keep them warm we did not want to lose them. This did not last long, the little ducklings were extremely stinky. We purchased a brooding pad for them and built them a special nursery to help them stay warm until they feathered out. Once their feathers came in we integrated them into the flock as well. Now we are a big happy 25 duck and 7 guinea fowl family. For now……

Momma duck and her brood come home.

Our first attempts at safe swimming, we attempted to make a float for the babies. It kinda worked for a while.

Momma and her little brood hiding in the corner, they don't know us that well yet.

We found this ramp worked better than the float until they got big enough to jump in and out of the pool on their own.