Our Goats

How It All Started

These are our crazy, silly, loving, adorable sweet goats. They are mixed breed of Nigerian Dwarf & Lamancha, they are not registered nor are they show goats. They are loved pets and we also milk the ladies. We decided to get goats back in the summer of 2019 before all the crazy times hit. We planned on breeding Lisle our momma goat with a lovely gent named Fred, well this did not work out because of a naughty young goat named Cosmos. The plan was to have the barn ready and have Lisle and baby (Kinder) move home in April/May, this also did not got as planned because of COVID19. So what did happen is we decided that we would take get 4 goats instead of 2 so that Kinder would have a playmate. We talked a lot with our friends at Lally Broch Farm and decided that Pita and her baby (Gunther) would be a wonderful addition, because Lisle and Pita were related and got along wonderfully and they boys became fast friends. Unfortunately tragedy hit and Pita became very ill because of a sudden onset of barber pole worms, our friends went above and beyond to save Pita but she did not make it, all of our hearts were broke. We had to take some time to allow our hearts to heal and also to let little Gunther mourn the loss of his mother. 

As with all things time helps to heal wounds, Lisle looked after Gunther and Kinder was still his bud. We decided that we needed to choose another female to be with the 2 boys and Lisle, we talked a lot and waited a long time before making the choice to adopt this adorable little goat that was born late in the spring, we named her Nixie and were really looking forward to starting our heard as soon as possible. Because Nixie was so young compared to the rest of the herd she would not be able to  join us until august September time, that was fine with us. Well the boy's went to the vets and got fixed so they would not breed with Lisle nor would they pee on their heads. Yes you read that correctly unfixed boy goats peed on their heads to attract females. (GROSS) So our friends delivered Lisle and Kinder and we let Gunther stay behind to bond with Nixie, everyone thought this would be beneficial for them. 

Night One

Can I just say that if you have never heard a baby goat scream because they are upset you don't want to. Kinder was separated from mom in the stall beside her and he screamed and cried all night. We thought this was because he wanted mom, well he did but he also wanted a very dear friend that he left at Lally Broch. See Kinder made himself a little girlfriend and was beyond attached, so we called our friends in the morning and it turns out she cried for him that night as well. So after a short discussion we decided to take Kinders girlfriend instead of Nixie it was a hard decision but it came down to what was best for Kinder and his girlfriend (Freya). Freya and Gunther came home that day and all the crying stopped, it was the sweetest sight every like to little kids that have a crush on one another. 


The herd is complete for now and happy, we love them so much, they make us smile every day. We will be breeding Lisle this year than she will take a  full year off and it will be Freya's turn to be a mom. We hope you have enjoyed the story of how we started our goat herd and will enjoy all the stories and pictures to come.