Crazy Chickens

Have you ever said you didn't want something only to find out you really did. This is what happened to us with chickens. Both of us thought they were just ugly plain colored poop machines. Than I stumbled across a post with this crazy looking chicken and was like hmm. Well I showed hubby and we decided to check out some hatcheries to see what they offered. This is how we found Cackle Hatchery and started our flock with something called a Hatchery Surprise Box and Cackle mini Surprise  Box. Basically is stated that you get what you get a mix of chickens both male and female and possibly something else for a surprise. We got a surprise alright, we got a wonderful rainbow of chickens with crazy hair and crazy colors. The surprise was the first box the regular surprise size was 2 Rouen ducks and a Black Spanish turkey. We were a little sad that the turkey was alone, but we figured it would make fast friends with the chickens and it did. So the second mini box was adorable chickens once again all different and unique and 2 Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys, we were delighted. The boxes came about 2 months apart so there is some age differences and we were able to get the one load into their pen outside before the next arrived. They are now all outside and doing amazing. As soon as the second group becomes big enough we will mix them together. For now they have separate runs and coops. I will post photos under the chicken tab of them now and I wish I could tell everyone what breeds we have but I still do not know them all.  So here is the list of what we know we have.

Crazy Cackle Toppies 








and many more.

Here are some baby pictures to enjoy before checking out their teen and adult pictures.