Welcome to our page that honors our animals that are no longer with us, we are very lucky that this is a short page and we are hoping to not have to update it any time soon. We have 3 stories to tell at this time each one of these animals were very special to us and are missed dearly. I hope that you enjoy their stories and they can touch your hearts like they did ours.


Puff came from Cackle Hatchery in a surprise box with 49 other chickens and 2 turkeys, we had no idea what little fluff ball was going to be her. We raised them in a swimming pool in the house until they were old enough to go outside. When we moved everyone outside we noticed that they were not doing well and discovered we had gape worm in our soil. This was Puffs first huge obstacle in life, she was very ill and we thought we were going to loose her before we even got to know her. We treated the entire flock and she fought through and became a tough sweet little Puff ball of a chicken. When we would go out and feed the chickens she would always run to us and make us laugh. She was smaller than they others and with the help of some folks on Facebook we learned that she was a bantam Cochin. As time went on Puff got stronger and more friendly, she would not pick a fight with any of the other chickens, she just wanted to zoom around the pen and be loved. We thought we were out of the woods and that everything was going fine until one early winter morning, we discovered that because she was so docile and sweet, she did not make the pecking order. The other chickens had pecked her so badly that she had a gaping wound in her side, we immediately removed her from the pen and assessed the situation. We debated on putting her down, but decided after doing a lot of research and contacting a vet online that we would treat her wound. We cleaned the wound and treated with vetericyn and vitamin water, we also made her a house outside of the pen in her own area. We also took a look at the other chickens and found 2 more that were being picked on we removed them and checked for wounds, luckily only 1 had a small wound that we quickly treated. They became puffs 2 best friends, Sulty & Jammies.

Puff amazed us once again and fully healed with her wounds, and was back to her perky little self. She would follow you around like a dog, if you were pulling the cart she would want to jump in and go for a ride. She was never against being picked up and cuddled and had true love for apples and cabbage. Puff just had a way that she would look at you it radiated with love. As small as puff was she was also a very smart and tough chicken, we had an owl attack at 6:30am in December 2020, that took the life of Sulty, and tried to take Jammies as well. When we looked back on the video of our farm we saw the owl on Jammies trying to kill her and out of no place puff appears and starts jumping on the owl and ripping it's feathers out. The owl let go of Jammies and took off, so little puff saved her friend life. This little chicken was so proud and just strutted about like she owned the world. The only thing that made her a little mad was we decided that until we were sure owls were in bed the small coop stayed closed. We were happy we did this because the owl did come back and you will read more about that below.

The end of January things started to go downhill with Puff we went outside to let her out one morning and she just seemed a little off, my husband picked her up and discovered she had a prolapse, we brought her in the house and soaked her in warm water to get her cleaned up so we could help her put everything back. That is when we discovered she was egg bound, we were worried but luckily she was able to pass her egg with ease after the soak. We treated her and put everything back in and spent some time with her, she seemed to be fine so we took her back out to her area. We thought that she was going to be just fine up until a couple days ago, on February 10 2021 we went out and puff was very lethargic and cold. My husband brought her in and we wrapped her up and placed her in a box so we could slowly warm her back up, she did come around and seemed to be ok but not ok. After looking her over and discovering she felt thin we were worried, we made the decision to keep her in the house for a while. I reached out to our sister farm and they were kind enough to loan us a play pen, we set it up and went out and got Jammies to keep puff company. Puff was eating and drinking fine she seemed like she was going to bounce back again. Unfortunately last night things took a turn for the worst, and she stopped drinking and eating, she would just lay there with no energy, we spent time with her and decided that we would see how she did through the night. This morning my husband went in to check on her, she did not look good at all, he picked her up to check her she was still breathing and lightly awake, he wrapped her up in one of his shirts and she just took one last breath and went in his arms. We are really sad and this was very hard for me to write. I fell she deserved it though and I really hope that when you read this you will understand why she is not just a chicken.

R.I.P. Puff 7/02/2020 to 02/12/2021

Puff as a little baby

This was after she had gotten over the gape worm.
Mighty Puff in her prime.

After helping puff deliver her egg.

Puffs final good day.

Sulty's story is coming soon along with Quackers.